Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Wishing Bone...

One fine day... on a beautiful glorious sunshiney (yes, its not a word but i'll use it anyways) day... I got up really late with a massive hangover, having lost my wallet, banged my brand new car into an innocent tree the night before and missed an important story deadline by 3 hours right before an overdue promotion. Oh, yes! I can be that irresponsible.
I wake up, not in a crappy mood but in a cheerful one. A throbbing head but a beaming smile nonetheless. The coffee is perfectly black and bitter and the breakfast is wonderfully runny eggs and burned toast...the birds are chirping on an unusually shrill pitch and there are no missed calls from the boss fretting over my no-show at work (it sucks when they don't even bother to pick up the phone and tell you how incompetent you are isn't it?). I might be dreaming. But a firm pinch confirms that I am indeed wide awake. Am I delusional then? Deranged perhaps? None actually. I am simply content.
I think many of us, including yours truly, have forgotten how to feel completely content. When you can't find anything to complain about even though the otherwise obvious crib worthy instances are glaring straight at you... that's when you know what contentment feels like. It can simply be explained as a kind of 'looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses' phenomenon. And no it isn't directly related to being in love. It is about being in a good place in your life. Everything else could suck but you find the strength to smile through it all and emerge unscathed. All the better for it.
I am living through my very own personal hell at the moment. But I am still content being me. Just me. All wild guesses point towards the direction of some good luck courtesy 'the wishing bone'. Or so said my horoscope in the morning paper:
"You have been blessed with a wishing bone for a short period in your life. Make use of it"
Within the day, my wallet was returned to me with all its contents intact, the insurance agency verified and agreed to pay full damages on my car and upon reaching office I was informed that the boss had called in sick, which meant I got off the hook. I have also been gifted with an excellent appraisal and a hefty bonus.
I am not a believer in the higher arts or whatever other gifts the fortune tellers are born with but sometimes you got to turn believer.
My version of the story - It's a wishing bone, stuck in a fishing zone. Go, fish!

Thursday, August 02, 2007


"Like a firefly that burns bright...he came suddenly, out of the dark sky. He hovered around for a little while, he lit up my days with laughter and smiles. Then he vanished just as suddenly, my dear firefly."

I hate insects and their matter what kind they are. Who doesn't? But what can one do when a charming firefly buzzes his way into your heart. The dark recesses of which you thought were impenetrable. But they creep up on you don't they...naughty little fellas. They seek a glimmer of light. He found it somehow and rescued me from the night. And then they disappear just as fast.

Before one can sit and ponder over why all good things must come to an knows the truth will be a bitter pill to swallow. When you go looking for trouble, you will find it. But oh wretched heart, it just craves for what it shouldn't want. Fireflies are nothing but trouble.

Ah, my dear firefly.