Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wagging Tongues...Wagging Tails

Its just one of the hazards of the job.
When you work in an office as porous as a ragged, year old sponge... You know that even zealous attempts at keeping your true self concealed is a fruitless, futile exercise. Thus, the 'oh I read your blog about the job woes' and all such catty comments follow suit. Or a questioning gaze wondering what the hell my problem in life is coz me by virtue of being incharge of a beat coveted my most am subjected to remarks like, 'the princess doesn't think anything is good enough for her' and some such.
But as they say barking dogs can't bite. Or wait, was it the other way around. Anyways...
But I am not trying to say that everyone in this profession is a two faced moron. There are some wonderful people that you meet everyday and some that become friends for life. Many others make an unmistakable impression that stays with you for a lifetime. My team is made up of such people. All beautiful, all talented, all warm.
And of course there is my fave dual identity. Nice gal gone naughty, who is probably reading this right now and snickering away, getting her jollies.
One of those most treasured colleagues of mine is perhaps the best looking guy I've seen. Let's call him A. There might be those better looking than A but its his charm and his demeanour that make him far better than the rest. And he was involved in a car accident on route to an assignment day before. Now as he lies in a hospital with a broken jaw, swollen lips and seven plates in his face post extensive reconstructive surgery... You wonder once again why bad things happen to the best people.
Life is really unfair. And at times like these, you forget everything else and just pray. Even though I don't believe in god, I am praying hard to whatever higher being is out there. Stay strong A.