Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Seven Year Itch...(Part II)

So what exactly is going on here? My male friends quite candidly, in their daftly charming 'we will always be men' attitude say that if I tell a guy Im not looking for anything serious right now, I should, in their extremely politically incorrect words, 'be golden'! Hmm no-strings attached yet monogamous. That sounds doable right? No! This is what makes the whole situation even more upsetting than it already is.
I am on unfamiliar turf here. Having been in relationships all my adult life, its quite unsettling now, when I have to make a choice of which way to go. Another attempt at coupledom or a blissfully ignorant singleton existence.
The thing is that you get used to having someone in your life, it seems almost strange without a male presence. Even though Im loving this freedom.
Getting back to the issue, I just don't get it...when it was quite clear from the beginning, that I am not willing to 'get hitched' into a committed twosome quite yet, why did this said Older Man suddenly change his mind? Me thinks...its just my luck. Coz I have a knack for finding all the right men, at all the wrong times!
So like a little boy in a toy store, he got stubborn and was unwilling to settle for anything less than what he wanted...he came, he saw, he liked...me disagreed and that was the end of it.
If nothing else, atleast my humourous anecdotes of random mishaps with the opposite sex keep the rest entertained. Yes, that's me trying to see the bright side of all this mess.
And in case you haven't caught on to the not so subtle marriage innuendos running all through the two posts...let me spell it out for you, the Older Man proposed, i said no and now he's getting married to someone else!

Friday, January 19, 2007

The Seven Year Itch...(Part I)

No, no hold your horses! It ain't what your thinking. No marriage...no plans of any such thing whatsoever...infact no male candidate on the horizon. This seven year itch merely refers to the age gap between yours truly and her latest object of desire. The age gap which has grown into a mammoth age divide.
It didn't matter before, during the elegantly put 'honeymoon phase', where everything is honkey-dorey, fine and dandy and umm...pause while i think of some more cliches.
So the usual wine-ing and dine-ing followed. Well more wine, less dine, a lot more rum and quite a few marlboro's.
The thing is he's almost on the other side of a significant age milestone and im nowhere nearing it. Although my fixation with older men makes that a good thing, in this case it apparentely isn't.
In all honesty, i ain't looking for love...i am by my very own brave admittance...on a rebound! This fella though doesn't quite see it that way.

(to be continued...)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The New Year is here and now that the party high has withered away and life jolts you back into the reality of 7 am workouts, 9 am workdays, half an hour lunch breaks and bloody deadlines...all the partying and frolicing goes out the window and weekday blues come knocking at your door. I don't know about anyone else but i am definately suffering from post party withdrawl syndrome. What are the symptoms?
Hmm, well for starters... Them jeans dont fit you no more...what with all the post holiday weight you've piled on. You tend to look for excuses to call in sick from work (i did it twice), you've consuned so much alcohol over the week that you are still buzzing with the after taste and you regale yourself and those around you with stories of all the drunken debauchery!
That's pretty much all that it is. Drink...drink...drink away like there is no tomorrow. Chilled shots, bottoms up and damn those LIIT's. I dare to admit that i've had enough of drinking for a long time to come. Ahem! Enough to last till the next weekend that is :)
Hick...hick...hurray and Happy New Year!