Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Healing Touch...

We all need some form of healing in our life. Whether it be sexual, mental, emotional, physical or even spiritual. You might not even know it but a casual moment of a stolen touch from somebody and the warmth it emanates deep within you is a type of healing that can cure the sourest of demeanors, the worse of moods and the severest of pains. A loving handshake, an admiring pat, a tight hug or a deep kiss will last you a lifetime and bring a smile to any face.

I have been on a journey of healing these past few months. And I found that ‘touch’ in the most unlikely places. People often surprise you with the love and kindness they carry within themselves and I derived my strength from some such individuals.
A stranger who has become my dearest companion in a matter of six months… A childhood friend who had a (mock) fight with me for the first time in 12 years just ‘cos I hadn’t called her in eons… An ex who let go of me so I could move on… The woman who gave birth to me, giving me a new lease of life with her wise words, and the former boss who’s inspired writings echoed my own deepest thoughts and hidden fears.
These are the people who have helped me heal.

The sexual healing from scars I had been carrying along for years came with that stranger… No it wasn’t a one-night stand. Its what the difference between making love and having sex is. The kinds that rekindle your lost innocence.
The emotional healing from an often ambivalent and nonchalant attitude towards those closest to me came with that friend… She taught me how to love people unconditionally.
The physical healing from an insatiable yearning that wrecked my being with guilt came with that ex… He held my hand while I inked my skin with a symbol that connected us both.
The spiritual healing from sworn atheism and a prolonged irreparable void came with that woman… She spoke to me like an adult and not like the child she had bred and gifted me with wisdom that only a mother can.
The mental healing from unvoiced anguish, anger and hatred came with that former boss… Her near daily blogs chronicled much of my own woes and worries.

Go on and break down that invisible wall that you’ve built around you. All is not wrong with the world. And for all the evil and bad surrounding us, there is always the little good in everyone.