Saturday, January 12, 2008

Caught In The Middle

Happy New Year :P
I know that I am a little late in the day to be wishing that but something or the other has been keeping me away from writing. I won't blame it on anything else but sheer laziness perhaps. Coz no amount of work kept me away from ranting here in the past. Maybe it is a burnout so to speak. From words, from the web, from emotions. Everything. A complete cut-off from all ties.
But it has been an eventful few months nonetheless. When one thinks about it, there is so much to write and then sometimes it seems there is nothing at all. The same way that when one looks back there is so much that seems to have been left behind. The people, the memories, the situations. And then you are reminded that there is more ahead. Lots yet to be seen, many more people to meet and miles to go before I sleep.
Sheesh... This is turning out to be a typical introspective New Year post. So I must end it here.
P.S: One of the things I did in between was to get my first tattoo. The symbol means much more to me than it gives away. Will talk of it at a later date. Cheers!