Thursday, May 10, 2007

Do It Like A Man...

There aren't a whole lot of times when I would advocate doing anything like a man but in this case my neo-feminist instincts give way to a lingering question...and the answer is simple...Do It Like A Man!
A newspaper report leading to an intense discussion with colleagues last week got me thinking...are Indian women mature enough to handle sexual freedom yet? So you meet this charming fella, you get along, everything seems perfect, you decide to sleep with the guy, things are going alright and then it all takes a turn for the worse...someone cheats, someone screams, the relationship just doesn't work anymore. The scenario can vary, whether its mutual or not, it could be a million different reasons but all with the same result — a breakup. And then the woman screams rape!
Yes this actually happened.
Now I am not saying that all women would react this way, Im not even trying to generalize when I wonder if Indian women are ready for the sexual revolution...I am merely talking about the misguided women who give sex to get love, men on the other hand, would give love to get sex.
Agreed that the whole free love movement is still a newer concept for the female species of this subcontinent. A decade or two ago...blogs like mine would be deemed indecent and the writer labeled a 'loose' character...not that there aren't enough hypocrites doing the same damn thing even now, but still. This was the time when Mills & Boons casanova's and Shobha De's luscious characters and their illict doings were the stuff of fantasy for women. Now, the fantasy has translated into reality.
There's plenty of lust, sex and carnal frenzy going on in the very office I am sitting and writing this blog from. In fact, I work in one of the most sexually devious profession of them all. But nonwithstanding all of that..even with all the hushed whispers, stolen glances and hidden gestures...simmering beneath it all is one scandalous accusation.
So if you sleep with someone out of your own free will...does that mean they are signing away their life to you? Do these women really consider sex out of wedlock as another informal institution? As it is the archaic notion of marriage made it nothing but a legalized form of prostitution...i mean you have to sleep with your husband no matter what! What the hell was that?
Well now that women are actually speaking up and asking for what they want in the bedroom and otherwise...I think its high time they learn one valuable skill from their male counterparts. Sometimes sex is just sex! It does not necessarily equate to love. It does in a lot of cases but only if both parties feel the same way. Men understand that. Sure we call them dogs and all that jazz but at the end of the day, they keep things simple. No, I don't admire sleazy slimebags who promise you the world to get you in bed but I think men who are honest and upfront are perfect. If you think its being promiscuous, then you shouldn't be reading this post anyways.
If you made your own choices, learn to handle them.
So ladies please, Do It Like A Man!