Thursday, June 25, 2009

If In Time...

If in time, I do realize, this path I chose to trudge is only mine... Lit with pride and gumption and a force benign... Unmasked and stripped of all glory divine. With nothing but resolve to steady my sight, I stand firm on virtues ever so unkind. Be proud now and forever more, for life is but a journey, to the end of your soul.

Yesterday I argued with a friend about how morality is the most malleable and abused of all human virtues. Cos the periphery of one persons sense of morality might be the infringement of another's. Also we tend to tweak our definition and understanding of what is morally acceptable and what isn't based on our own situation. How then can you sit on a moral high horse and judge others?

Be happy, be humble, be honest and be true. Those are the only virtues worth embracing and the only values worth undertaking.

It's your life, live it well.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Forgotten One

I saw it from afar... A faded image time had marred.
The silhouette of a girl piercing through otherwise vacant art.
Perhaps caught in a moment of abandon, dear to her heart.

Dressed in colours bright, with eyes black as tar.
Her mane fiercer than wind, rendered desires unmasked.
The face of an angel, lit by the glory of a hidden laugh.

Her journey unfolds, as she set out for the world at large.
Every scar unseen, she weaves in songs laid stark...
Of the melancholic beauty of life, that she lived on a lark.

Longing for a hand to hold, something new to start.
Wandering in hope, bursting with a hidden spark.
Dreaming like a child, ready to touch the stars.

She was the girl I saw in a photograph.
Look in the mirror, you can't tell us apart.
But she's a stranger... A ghost in the dark.

That girl was me, before she became my past.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Forlorn Hope...

He fights the darkness, as she rests in the grace of the night...
Nesting in the shadows of his warm embrace, her eternal beauty takes flight.

Hiding behind the bosom of her ever kind generosity,
he seeks shelter from that which brews steadily.

Thou craves her so, just as much as she needs thee...
But however may they try, faith hatches devious plans mischievously.

For in his freedom lies the capture of her soul.
When she weeps for him, his heart rages ever more.
When he loves, she sinks deeper in the fold.
Yet one bereft of the other, leaves the story untold.

She, the never-ending blue sky with her pristine virtue and pulchritude.
He, the glorious lightning bolt that jolts her peaceful abode.

Floating upon this surface for the birds, their saga soars.