Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Snippy, snippy... Bang, bang!

This is by far one of the most 'self' focussed months I've had in a long time and so I feel compelled to rant about it...

Besides the purgatory 'breaking of habit' spoken about in the last post, I had my A-ha moment (you know the ones where you find what you are meant to do in life), went through a mini makeover (as all inspirational chick flick plots involving personal growth must), spent zero money on shopping (that is THE big achievement!), gave my almost rusting brain a fair bit of writing exercise (outside the mandatory office work), meandered my way through one of Delhi's infamous underground market (the one where good gals supposedly do not go after sundown), met a LOT of old friends and usually did so over copious amounts of coffee and/or liquor (extremely fun either ways!)

Being single for the first time in almost 7 years is a refreshing change and really puts your life in perspective. Although a lot of people said I was turning into a cynic after reading my last post, I think of it as breaking the shackles of twosomes and being free. No more pre-ordained mid-week meals, Saturday night plans, Sunday movies and such.
Welcome Freedomville's newest resident: SIM

One's A-ha moment comes all of a sudden, out of the blue and when you least expect it. Just comes and hits you out of nowhere and BANG, you are never the same again. Like a relatively new but good director spoke to my colleague about how he was poised to become a zoologist until he saw a great film that changed his path. I found my calling over a completely random and unrelated conversation with a friend.
Life altering career switch is now in the pipeline

Then there was the SNIP and snap. You must've seen some film where the underdog heroin emerges from a cloud of perfume, hair products, mascara et all and has her day in the sun. I cut my hair (in accordance with dear pal Riyu's words, "Usually one gets radical haircuts when one is going through a transitionary phase.") took those summer dresses out of the closet and broke in the high heels. Feeling good, baby!

Oh and then there is the writing. If you have ever been involved in brainstorming sessions which see a small idea that matters to you take shape over numerous, sleepless nights and through innumerable discussions to become a full fledged project close to your heart... Then, you'd know what I am going through. The oppurtunity just fell in my lap and even though this work after work consumes my life at times, I am loving it!
If all goes well, you guys will hear about it soon. Fingers crossed.

And that brings me to the priceless Palika Bazaar foray. Even though that hilarious day deserves a post of its own... Renovatio and SIM's day out at one of the biggest illegal/black market adda's in town ensued a lot of memorable hilarity. Besides the fact that both movie lovers were making their debut scouting for rare to find films in the bewildering market, the pair collectively tower about a good 2 feet over most people's head which essentially means that the two mini giants standing in the middle of the bustling, underground (read low head clearance) market looking like lost puppies made for a one of a kind, perfect Kodak moment. Not to forget the rigorous 'screening' process that the guardian of our destination put us through before we were shown the light :P
P.S: those of you who read Reno's musings and complain about his decreased writing... I plead him daily to write about this adventure but with no avail.

Last but by no means least—there is no better way to spend gloomy, glorious, happy or otherwise mundane... heck, any type of day... than by catching up with old friends. School mates, college pals, old chums, long lost buddies, random acquaintances... its all bloody great! Mix in crazy amounts of caffeine or liquor with these endless conversations, gossiping sessions and philosophical discussions and you have a winner.
Added bonus: being introduced to a fab new single malt by a discerning connoisseur, regaining a lost love for JD on the rocks, having my first of many glasses of a beautiful South African wine and bringing one of my fave brews (the Hawaiian Kona) into the life of Reno who I also initiated into the coffee drinking process 2 years ago. Cheers to that!
fyi all the money saved from the non-shopping is now spent on these drinking bouts. Plus, it might be turning me into an alcoholic. Cheaper ideas anyone?

SIM is back, snipping-ly new and with a big bang. Over & out, for now.