Monday, October 30, 2006

Wham..bam..thank you maam!

Cute ass guy from my fave weekend drinking haunt asked me out today...yes i am objectifying him and we have been making eyes for quite a while now..just one problem, i know what he wants and i am unwilling to give that to him...but how many people live by this policy of wham, bam, thank you maam?
Here's something that i find spend nine months inside a woman and cant wait to get out, and then they spend the rest of their lives trying to get in.
I understand that they are predesigned to sow their oats...but how much sowing can u indulge in..i mean leave it fallow for some time dude..don't go overboard. Isn't it tiring & irksome to go bed hopping all the time? And its not like only men do it, women are equally aparty to it.
Don't get me all for free loving (if u're into that kindda thing) though im not. Call me old fashioned if u please, but sex isn't just about the sex.
There've been so many times when i've been in situations with men that could've only ended in the bedroom, or wherever the hell else..but some good judgement held me back.
No im not a nice gal, far from it. Just that the concept of a frivolous no strings attached one nighter...although sounds damn appealing...never really did it for me. Yes it gets you all hot and worked up...the very act of being carefree and throwing caution to the wind. But if the sex is good, why leave it at just that one time.. and if its bad, u'd regret it forever.
Hell i just hate being so damn practical all the time, but someone's gotta do it. I cant give it up to just anyone and be another dent on some man's bedpost. The reason why i think this way is coz i've seen far too many friends in their morning after stance, all guilty and self deprivating. It's not a pretty sight and i dont want to be one of them. So for me there's only wham and thank you maam's, simply coz there is no time, i always want seconds ;)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Emotional Cheater (Part III)

Im a bitch, im a lover, im a child, im a mother, im a sinner, im a saint, i do not feel goes alanis morisette's ode to womanhood. Its so bloddy true. I can be all those things together...good and bad. Men have the amazing ability to detach themselves from a situation and feel no guilt, no regret. Women on the other hand are nitpicking, compulsive, obsessive and that is the root of our troubles. Breeding misery.
Cheating is cheating..period! Or is it? Can you really truely spend a lifetime with one person and never ever feel anything for anyone ever again? I don't think thats possible...because then you stop feeling and stop living. Love is a reality, eternity is a myth. Because there will be times when you'll hate, abhore, detest and crib about the one person you love the most. And those are the times i go weak.
I've confessed, he'll probably forgive with time.
But that emotional bond i share with another human being isn't something i can give up on completely and if loving means you never share anything remotely personal with anyone else other than 'the one' ever again...well then thats not what i signed up for.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Emotional Cheater (Part II)

Its all about the sex honey, they say!
Well billions of people around the world are doing its not rocket science. I mean how hard can it be to get a good lay? Well mighty hard...7 out of 10 women are faking it guys. Heard it from girlfriends, colleagues, cousins...everyone. Maybe that's why the prospect of being with someone new, hoping that he would ensure a steady flow of karmic orgasms is so exciting. Or is it just that ur brain sends signals to the genitals every time a new possibility is in range...calling all systems..attention hormones, vagina's and boobs..male alert!
You can be in perfectly blissful relationships and still your brain can send you such bothersome signals. Whether you choose to ignore them or act on them is what really matters. So at times people you would otherwise have felt nothing for can ignite passions in you, your brain says no, your body says yes. Well in emotional cheating, your brain seems to be saying yes. Its your instinct that might hold you back.
So what is more grave...sexual cheating or emotional one?


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Emotional Cheater (Part I)

Was browsing thru a glossy and stumbled upon an article...on emotional cheating. Curious phenomenon that sounds like, doen't it? Cheating is normally physical or sexual..what is emotional cheating...well ask me, i am an emotional cheater. Yes sir, guilty as charged.
I love my guy, he's quite a dish, been with him for ages, sex is good, he's well placed, infact we might just settle down someday (what is the defination of settling down..don't know yet). Anyways, so am i happy with this seemingly perfect life? Yes, but i still go astray.
Attracted to non-lookers who i would never ever give the time of day to, had it not been for this intense emotional and mental pull i feel towards them. They seem to get me, think i am almost perfect, never demand, just willing to give me some love. No i don't want their love, just their time and an eager ear...and maybe some attention. But i don't want to sleep with them, yet when they whisper sweet things to me, my heart flutters. That's where it stops though, i always tell them i am unavailable and commited. What is this then?
Attention seeker you might label me...