Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Rambler by day, Closet Columnist by night...

... And her name is the Mistress of Vices.

She's back! Well sort of.

For all those who are still reading this or might check in for any updates (I am truly surprised and grateful that you are), SIM is now putting her much maligned ideology down on paper. Catch my two (perverted) cents in the monthly column titled Mistress of Vices for FHM India.

Already at a newsstand near you in the February edition.

Love and lust,

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Mr. Universe said...

Hey! Welcome back to writing again!

Been awhile since I dropped in to check this out and honestly I havent been a full time FHM reader for ages but now I'll definitely be checking it out more often! :)

Nice title by the way - oh and I've moved to wordpress so my blogger blogs are going to go the way of the dodo soon, just thought Id add that in just in case :D